How do reviews get on Galaxy Preview?

Reviews on Galaxy Preview are written by consumers from across the globe. Anyone who has had a buying or service experience in the past 12 months can write a review, for free, as long as they have a Galaxy Preview user account, follow our Guidelines for Reviewers, and don’t have a conflict of interest with the business they’re reviewing. A user account must be connected to an email address so we can get in touch for account- and service- related issues.

All reviews about a business are shown on their profile page. This is where consumers can read and write reviews, and find other relevant information about the business, such as the overall TrustScore and star rating.

A Galaxy Preview review can start in two ways:


Consumers who’ve had an experience with
a business can create a Trustpilot account
and write an unsolicited review. We call
these “organic reviews”.


Businesses can ask their customers to leave a
review using our invitation methods, for free.
Businesses should ensure there is no bias in the
way they invite their customers to review them,
and they’re not allowed to offer any sort of
payment or incentive for reviews.

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