Google announced the introduction of the Google for Startups accelerator programme for female-led businesses on Tuesday. This is the first time the IT giant has announced a programme aimed specifically at women entrepreneurs in India.

This year, the programme for women-focused creators will include two cohorts, each supporting 20 women founders. Google will choose 20 women-led firms for the inaugural batch of this programme, which will begin accepting applications today.

The sector-neutral initiative will concentrate on early-stage through series A startups. The awful fraction of financing going to these firms was one of the motivations for Google to create a women-founder-oriented programme.

Mentoring, recruiting, money raising, community development, and networking will be the emphasis of the programme.

Google’s accelerator programme has so far produced six cohorts, each with over 100 firms that have raised over $2 billion and created over 12,000 jobs. Swamy also mentioned that one out of every ten Google accelerator startups had raised $100 million.